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ভাসান: The Drowning

Project type

Resin-based Sculpture



This series explores the concept of "ভাসান" (bhashan), of drowning and dissolution as an act of freedom. Sylhet, the land of rivers of my ancestors built an extensive metaphor linking the human body to an idol of clay, born of the river silt, and bound to return to it eventually. I recently found myself asking the question: why do I create: is it for the euphoria of creation or destruction? The sweet joy of building your own comes with the knowledge of your capacity to destroy. We are witnesses of an era of powergames between the weak and the strong, the whimsies of the creator, the helplessness of the created. Humility arrives realising this war is nothing new, but merely a new guise of the same old story of our species.

This series ties together these concepts of dissolution of the body, the downward gaze of non-victimhood, and whimsical construction-deconstruction as a reassurance of power.

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