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The Edge of Self


2023 (ongoing)

“A conversation in colour, a visual dialogue, a duet on canvas”- thus can be encapsulated the essence of the project “The Edge of Self”, my collaboration with visual artist Lucas Posada from Colombia. We create a form of “rhizome art” adhering to the Deleuze-Guttari theory of horizontality of thought. The process of co-creation overcomes the individual consciousness of both and what emerges is a symphony of great visual harmony, a synergetic Self with a precarious yet firm sense of balance, and intense energy- a homeostasis that may only be achieved on surrendering and silencing the expression and control of our left hemispheres, allowing a right hemisphere dialogue between the two artists. This series is a small but definite revolutionary step to break modern artistic paradigms and narratives of art history.

Check out Lucas' works here -

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